Update 1.5 is live

Published on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 12:14:11 AM

Update 1.5 is live

Published on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 12:14:11 AM

Update log for 1.5 update. Steam and Itch versions updated to 1.5.

5/24/2022 improved forklift in factory

fixed exiting bookstore to prevent loading below map bug

improved uzi

improved pit enemies and the exit when many levels deep

Adjusted battle message location in Window_Battlelog

Fixed hired switch check for gun shop timeclock.

Added random encounters to the pit.

Added Freedom fighter leader battler. Added encounter battle. 

Added freedom leader debate. 

Added more FF dialogue.

5/24/2022 fixed loading save in dungeon bug. It was caused by scene_load fix for reloading map save(common event 166). 

Added preserve TP between battles to every class. 

Gimped confusion state and made confusion type of magic more expensive to prevent state spamming by enemies. 

5/22/2022 Added message about posting bug location and details in forum to the error reporting popup. 

Improved banker communication loop.

Improved text in bar owner dialogue.

Made pimp fight escapable and added hospital visit to fight.

Improved mall job balance. 

Increased MP recovery for wait skill and added TP recovery to it also. 

Fixed Hopsital icon in financial district. 

Fixed location recording which was causing occassional player image to not show when exiting nonrandom maps.

Increase book reading to one per day but only once per book.

Changed battlelog messages to show in upper middle 3rd rather than the upper left corner. 

Set battlestatus faces to be centered. 

Added new pet skills.

Increased battle animation fps.

Disabled autodash and increased walkspeed 2x. This allows sprinting. 

Added new face graphic and battler for Pawn shop

Added new dialogue for pawn shop interview and book shop interview.